About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the NorCal Resilience Network is to promote a Just Transition to an equitable and regenerative future by supporting and activating community-based and ecologically-grounded solutions in Northern California.

Our Vision

The NorCal Resilience Network is addressing the urgency to move away from an extractive, exploitative economy toward holistic systems that will support human life in self-sustaining harmony with nature as we move into the future.

Our vision is to transform our homes, neighborhoods, and communities into vibrant, regenerative places. The NorCal Network focuses on seeding and cultivating solutions that are people-powered, community-based and nature-inspired that address the most pressing social and environmental problems of our time.

Here in Northern California, we are blessed with an abundance of community groups working to realize the regenerative future we need. The NorCal Community Resilience Network seeks to unite these groups into a loosely-affiliated network that offers strategies for collective impact and builds collaboration for a more resilient world. From grassroots, nonprofit and government organizations to sustainable businesses, healers, and activists, we come together to cross-pollinate and develop practical, scalable, and replicable strategies rooted in the principles and ethics of permaculture.

Our Goals


To Develop Models of Resilience

Our Resilient Hubs Initiative is a new project with the vision of creating homes and neighborhood centers that are models of community resilience, fully prepared for climate change, natural disasters, and political crises. Join our pilot project to develop your own resilient hub and volunteer at a local Resilient Hub work party.

To Broaden Support for the Community Resilience Movement

We are sharing stories about inspiring projects and programs that represent the diversity, breadth and value of our regional movement, highlighting projects from frontline communities.

To Building Capacity for Grassroots Leaders and Organizations

We have offered capacity building workshops for emerging leaders who want support with fundraising and project development.

To Foster a Spirit of  Collaboration and Cooperation

We are building a bottoms-up membership structure and events to help foster collaboration and partnerships.



Want to learn more about our organization? Email us at info@norcalresilience.org, give us a call at (218) 384-1311 or fill out our volunteer form here.