About Us



Our Vision 

Our vision is to transform our homes, neighborhoods, and communities into vibrant, regenerative places. 

With humanity at a crossroads from unprecedented ecological and social challenges, now more than ever leaders and citizens from all sectors - from citizens to government officials - must come together to manifest this vision.

Our Mission

The mission of the NorCal Resilience Network is to catalyze a Just Transition to an equitable and regenerative region by supporting and activating community-based and ecological solutions in Northern California. Our regional network increases capacity for grassroots projects and programs, helps to build out model sites for permaculture and  resilience; and builds solidarity across divides of race, class, sector and region with organizations, businesses and leaders committed to growing thriving, resilient communities through collaboration and collective impact.

Our Goals and Theories of Change

Northern California represents a microcosm of both the exciting possibilities and immense challenges to building regenerative, resilient and equitable communities. It is home to vast pockets of wealth and diversity, yet we see inequities abound through continued racial strife, segregated communities and funding that does not trickle down to even the middle class. Local Governments prioritize sustainability projects, but we see wildfires and flooding continuing to ravage our landscape. The region is home to hundreds of projects and organizations working on climate solutions. 

But many are underfunded, work in silos and do not prioritize marginalized communities. 

The NorCal Resilience Network strives to address these challenges by focusing on the following goals:

To cultivate collaborations and partnerships that strengthen our collective impact and place underserved communities at the forefront of our work  

Too often grassroots groups are competing for scarce resources, especially those in underserved communities, and siloed by their mission-driven work.  The Network envisions the Northern California landscape of social and environmental justice as a regenerative ecosystem, wherein each organization fills a unique niche that collectively generates a new system as the old one breaks down. From time banks to community gardens, aquaponics businesses to emergency preparedness efforts, our vision is to create a decentralized Solidarity Network - the Circle of Collaborators - to support collaboration between groups, and share stories about inspiring projects and programs that represent the diversity, breadth and value of our regional movement.

To activate and support place-based models of resilience

There are surprisingly few environmental groups that integrate climate mitigation with climate adaptation through community-based responses that adapt to our changing climate while breaking down the social barriers that often tear us apart.

Our emerging Resilient Hubs Initiative is creating a network of homes, schools, community gardens and neighborhood centers that are model sites for resilience and “ready for anything” - better prepared for natural disasters, climate change and other stresses in our community. We focus on projects that bring neighbors and community members together to build resiliency projects - from gardens to greywater systems - while building community.

To Build Capacity for Grassroots Leaders and Groups

Northern California is a mecca for grassroots groups building regenerative, locally based and equitable communities. But many are lacking the capacity to thrive.  With 90% of environmental foundation funding going to just 10% of the biggest organizations, grassroots organizations are notoriously overstretched and underfunded. Many are volunteer-driven and often only able to focus on their specific work (rather than collaborating), especially organizations working in underserved diverse communities. This is a crucial moment to support people who are newly awakening to the need for engagement in their local communities.

NorCal Resilience offers workshops, peer-to-peer learning opportunities and opportunities for funding so that grassroots projects and groups have the tools and resources to thrive, from mini-grants to peer-to-peer learning opportunities and capacity building workshops.

To build bridges across sectors and communities with groups aligned with our vision 

How do we bring groups together to work on the common purpose of resiliency and regeneration? Here in Northern California, we are blessed with an abundance of community groups working to realize the regenerative future we need. The NorCal Community Resilience Network seeks to unite these groups into a loosely-affiliated network that offers strategies for collective impact, one that builds collaboration for a more resilient world. From grassroots, nonprofit and government organizations to sustainable businesses, healers, and activists, we come together to cross-pollinate and develop practical, scalable, and replicable strategies rooted in the principles and ethics of permaculture.

The Network hopes to  bring more intersectional and multicultural practices to the ecological resilience movement; one that profoundly understands the inclusion of voices that are often invisible yet are the ones modeling the very principles of resiliency.

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