Circle of Collaborators

The following is a listing of organizations who have joined the Circle of Collaborators since March 2019. We welcome other members each month who fit our criteria.

Arana Solutions:  We focus on creating systemic place-based solutions to enhance the daily lives of people through meaning and economical vitality.  Our method is to assist communities to implement environmentally friendly building and regenerative agricultural methods, life skills workshops, local business development, leadership training, education initiatives, and capacity building.

Ashby Gardens: We are a collectively run garden located on the 1300 block of Ashby Ave, in South Berkeley, is where we raise food and share our knowledge of urban farming.

Bay Area Green Tours: BAGT provides educational tours and events that:Demonstrate the sustainable economy in action, Inspire support of local green businesses, Empower people to incorporate environmental responsibility and social justice into their personal and professional lives.

Berkeley Disaster Preparedness Network:  Our Mission is to assist Berkeley households and neighborhoods to respond effectively to disasters by further developing organizational skills, human and material resources, and responsiveness by sharing experiences, seeking expert advice, enhanced training and information sharing.

Climate Restoration Circles: The SF Bay Area Climate Restoration Circle supports and facilitates the transition of the SF Bay Area to a climate-restoring region. We started as a small group in Alameda and the SF East Bay in California and are working to encourage citizens around the SF Bay Area and beyond to support restoring the climate and drawing down carbon.

Earth Activist Training  (Pescadero): We teach permaculture design with a grounding in spirit and a focus on organizing and activism. We have a special interest in Social Permaculture–the application of ecological principles to designing beneficial human relations.

East Bay Co-Housing Meet-Up: (Berkeley): Our meet-up is for people  interested in creating intentional communities, including cohousing, co-living, cooperatives, and ecovillages.

East Bay Reciprocity Network: By creating a collaborative network we help our communities overcome the financial and emotional hardships brought on by the decline of social support networks, economic system shortcomings, and environmental degradation.

Green Life:The Green Life holistically supports individuals affected by incarceration to find and nurture passion, purpose, and leadership that creates thriving lives for us and our communities and seeds wellness, restorative justice, and re-entry work with specialists who know the landscape firsthand and belong to the most affected communities.

Midori Law Group (Berkeley): Midori specializes in Estate Planning, Administration and Probate, and is committed to supporting local non-profits and grassroots organizations.

Mycelium Youth Network: Mycelium Youth Network is a environmental and social justice organization dedicated to ensuring young people have the tools, vision and passion to survive and thrive in a climate-challenged world.

The People's Community Medics: 

We trained people in our communities on how to be first responders, including how to treat gun shots, seizures and natural disasters before the emergency first responders arrive. We also mentor children on a safe passage through life by teaching them life skills, from anti-bullying to suicide prevention.

The Permaculture Action Network (Oakland) connects educators, creators, and organizers with broad and diverse audiences to build a regenerative and just world by organizing Permaculture Action Day and events, building educational spaces and hosting courses.

PLACE for Sustainable Living: We are a public serving, experiential learning center that showcases and foster sustainable living practices, urban homesteading, community resiliency & preparedness, social justice and artistic expression. This sustainability hub allows people to see solutions in practice and gain access to the knowledge and resources to empower them to take action in their own lives, neighborhoods, towns, cities, and bio-regions.

Planting Justice (Oakland): We are transforming the food system one garden at a time. In the last 6 years, our team of formerly incarcerated landscapers has built over 400 edible gardens throughout the East Bay, empowering hundreds of people to grow their own food. Now, we're cultivating urban farms and training centers that will dramatically increase the scope and scale of this work.

San Francisco Permaculture Guild: We support a local community of those interested in permaculture by producing educational and social events.

Shareable (Oakland/regional): is a nonprofit media outlet and action network that empowers people to share for a more resilient, equitable, and joyful world. We inspire change by publishing solutions-based stories, analysis, and tools in collaboration with our global partners.

The Sogorea Te Land Trust is an urban Indigenous women-led community organization that facilitates the return of Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone lands in  to Indigenous stewardship. Sogorea Te creates opportunities for all people living in Ohlone territory to work together to re-envision the Bay Area community and what it means to live on Ohlone land

Sustainable Contra Costa (Contra Costa County): We are a nonprofit organization providing programs and services that educate & inspire residents, students, businesses, and community leaders about how to implement sustainable practices.

Transition US (TUS) is a national hub organization for the international Transition Towns movement of communities transitioning off fossil fuels, living in balance with resource limits, and building equity for all.

Urban Permaculture Design Institute (Oakland/San Francisco):  We offer Permaculture Design Certificate courses (PDC), in the East Bay, San Francisco and South Bay, 10 week-courses which are scheduled on weekday evenings and weekend days to accommodate the schedules of professionals and students.

Wholly H2O catalyzes dynamic, informed connections between people and their watersheds that yield proactive and appropriate water management through conservation and reuse. Our watershed-positive educational programs engage Californians in community and citizen science, art, and green infrastructure education.

XPollinators  (Berkeley) is an online platform for grassroots organization, helping grassroots organizations to connect and collaborate towards a regenerative world.