About the Circle of Collaborators

Here in Northern California, we are blessed with an abundance of community groups working to realize the sustainable future we need. Our vision is to create a regional hub for Solutionaries in Northern California - our Circle of Collaborators - community activists, businesses and grassroots organizations who are turning despair into action through people-powered, nature-inspired, and community-based solutions.   

From time banks to community gardens, aquaponics businesses to emergency preparedness efforts, this regional hub will support collaboration between groups, honors the work of organizations large and small, offer strategies for collective impact and collaboration for a more resilient and just world. 

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Our Criteria 

  • Based in and working in Northern California  (if national org, then chapter-based)
  • Committed to the ethics of Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share
  • Committed to grassroots and community-based solutions to climate change and social inequities
  • Interested in collaborating with other organizations within the Network to meet your needs and share your abundance.
  • Commitment to the Network’s Community Agreements while collaborating with the Network’s Circle of Collaborators.
  • Sliding scale of $25-250 to join, or volunteer at least 4 hours to join.

Membership Benefits

  • Be part of a directory and mapping platform that recognizes the unique work you are doing in the community;
  • Share stories about the work that you are doing in the community
  • Have the opportunity to vote on some of the Network’s strategic priorities
  • Receive discounts to Network workshops
  • Collaborate with others interested in similar projects as part of working groups

Our Circle of Collaborators launched in April 2017 with a group of 55 organizations. We are learning and listening, and relaunching this structure as a bottoms-up flat governing membership for groups to loosely affiliate with each other.

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