Our Vision

Install a rain water catchment system you’ve always wanted, to prepare for a drought? Check. Prepare your home for “The Big Earthquake”? Check. Meet the neighbors you’ve always wanted to talk with? Check.

The Resilient Hubs Initiative uses a grassroots community-based approach to help scale up home and neighborhood resilience. Our vision is to create a network of sites - including homes, schools, community gardens and neighborhood centers that are “ready for anything” - better prepared for natural disasters, climate change and other stresses in our community. Our long-term vision includes online resource guides, community organizing training workshops and support for on-the-ground activities such as garden and water conservation work parties. The Resilient Hubs Initiative is a collaboration with Daily Acts.

We are excited to help to scale up home and neighborhood resilience efforts through this community-based approach. According to the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Initiative, one of the most crucial community resilience strategies is to strengthen social cohesion among neighbors and community members so that it’s easier to work together during emergencies. Yet there are surprisingly few environmental groups that focus on strengthening neighborhoods to support resilient homes, and few disaster preparedness efforts that integrate climate action into their programs.

Social networks—the horizontal and vertical ties that connect us to others—are our most important defense against disasters.”

(Daniel P. Aldrich, 2011, Citylab.com)

Read about the three pillars of the program below.

Building Community

  • Hosting regular opportunities for neighbors to get together, from block parties to neighborhood play dates
  • Promoting neighborhood sharing, from tools to cars
  • Working on projects together to support neighborhood placemaking, including intersection repair and garden work parties

Regenerative Ecological Features

  • Save Water:  greywater, rain water catchment, drip irrigation
  • Grow Food: Edible landscaping, from food forests to
  • Go toxin-free: no or low-VOC paints, green cleaning products
  • Save Energy: double-pane windows, solar panels, bike riding, electric cars

Disaster Preparedness & Response

  • A robust supply of water, food and supplies on hand for earthquakes and other disasters
  • An emergency plan for when a disaster does hit
  • Carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and other products ready for use


2018 Pilot Test

We are pleased to be pilot testing the Resilient Hubs Initiative in 2018 in the East Bay, thanks to the support of EBMUD (East Bay Municipal Utilities District) Water Conservation Program, Water Education Foundation and Threshold Foundation’s Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory. Our Pilot Testing includes:

  • Mini-grants to various sites named as Pilot Hubs, to organize work parties that build out bioswales, rain water catchment systems and other water conservation features
  • Profiles about the Resilient Sites, and stories about the amazing individuals behind the sites
  • A tour and workshop to showcase the sites

Out 2018 Pilot Test Sites: 

  • Hoover Elementary School (Oakland)
  • Rising Spring Farm (El Sobrante)
  • PLACE for Sustainable Living (Oakland)
  • Canticle Farm (Oakland)
  • Ashby Garden (Berkeley)
  • Sogorea Te' Land Trust (Oakland)
  • Emilio Zapata Street Academy (Oakland)